02 January 2009

Current Reading List

I'm just getting started here, and I just realized that I neglected a primary portion of my life when I didn't list "reading" as an interest.

Of course, I don't consider reading an interest. It's a necessity, a joy, the gateway to everything else.

Here's what I'm currently reading that's horse-related:

Carriage Driving: A Logical Approach through Dressage Training by Bean and Blanchard

The Circle of Trust: Reflections on the Essence of Horses and Horsemanship by Zettl

Lounging the Rider for a Perfect Seat: A How-To Guide for Riders, Instructors, and Longeurs by Benedik

Learning to Ride As an Adult: A New Training Method for First-Time Riders by Prockl

The Truth about Horses: A Guide to Understanding and Training Your Horse by McLean