19 April 2014

Wanted for "Possible" Horse Abuse: Andreas Helgstrand

"Possible" offenses committed by Andreas Helgstrand include persistent use of hyperflexion (rollkur) and violent, gouging use of roweled spurs. He is also accused of competing on a sick horse.

Helgstrand is identifiable by his iron seat and matching hands.

Evidence against him includes videos and photos where his remarkably elegant and talented horses manifest both brilliance and agony: excessive switching of the tail, behind the vertical head position--sometimes including a blue, oxygen-deprived tongue, spur-marked flanks, hollow backs, trailing hindquarters, and even occasional brave acts of outright rebellion.

*Hest FLIPPER ud med Andreas Helgstrand* [Horse Flips out with Andreas Helgstrand]

The video "Hest FLIPPER" disappeared shortly after I posted this. During piaffe, Helgstrand's mount withstood being spurred hard for a few steps and then flung itself into the air. Such a beautiful mover couldn't unseat Helgstrand of course.

However, the deleted video reappeared on another site: Click here! (Gotta love the Internet.)

If you are impatient, start watching at 1:54.

Andreas Helgstrand & Akeem Foldager,Aachen CDIO5* Freestyle

Epona TV: Flogging a Sick Horse

Update: For commentary on the likely outcome of this set of events, read this: