27 June 2012

Vail Pass

2002 Bay TB Mare
(Bianconi X Toosassyforme)
April 2008 -  Fresh off the truck from Kentucky 
Healing up from her adventure with the fence


Later in 2008 as a lounge horse with a beginner student


Still later in 2008, entering dressage training


As a natural horsemanship mount


Two shots of Vail further into dressage training


Vail amusing teenage students

Students on Vail bareback and under saddle


Vail trotting out

For full pedigree go to Pedigreequery.com:

Be sure to click on the photos and info about the horses in her pedigree.  In a breed where most horses are blue-blooded, Bianconi's pedigree is spectacular.  The info on Bianconi is harder to find since he was exported to Australia.  He's a prominent race sire there and at least one commentator called him "the handsomest [TB] stallion in Australia."  As I expected, his retired runners are beginning to show up in sporthorse activities down under.