13 February 2014

Another Tiny Bit of Good Racing News

I've long appreciated John Shirreff's training methods and general attitude toward the race horses in his stable, so this was good but unexpected news:

"Eblouissante Benefits from Dressage Training"

01 February 2014

"St Nicholas Abbey's Brave Battle"

Steve Haskin's blog at Bloodhorse.com detailed the struggles of St. Nicholas Abbey. As I'd suspected, the horse was utterly kind and possessed of a high pain tolerance, among a species known for high pain tolerances. I'm not a huge racing fan, but this horse's expression in a couple of still photos captured my attention so I've followed the story, hoping for a miracle. Alas, from Haskin's article, the horse's stoicism--we'd say valor--apparently contributed to his ultimate demise.

St Nicholas Abbey's Brave Battle