11 November 2012

"Wild Horse Buyer under Investigation for Breaking State Law"

Tom Davis' name has been coming up a lot in horse circles of late.  With any luck at all, it'll soon be coming up in court.  The bare facts revealed so far indicate the corruption goes way beyond Davis too.

For example, here's one paragraph from the November 11, 2012, Colorado Spring Gazette article "Wild Horse Buyer under Investigation for Breaking State Law":

Davis, 64, a livestock hauler and proponent of the horse meat industry who lives in La Jara, 15 miles southwest of Alamosa, has purchased more than 1,700 wild horses from the federal Bureau of Land Management since 2008 — roughly 70 percent of all horses sold by the agency.
Could anyone of normal intelligence read this article and think Davis found "good homes" for all these horses?

Worse yet, the BLM--or at least some BLM employees--were deeply involved in this. As the director of Wild Horse Education, a Nevada-based advocacy group, Laura Leigh said,
Let's get real. There is no way the BLM could think someone was buying that many unadoptable horses for anything but slaughter. The people who sold those horses are just as culpable. This is a breach of public trust and there needs to be some accountability.
Here's the contact information for Colorado’s 12th Judicial District Attorney, David Mahoney:
Alamosa County Office  
426 San Juan Ave. 
Alamosa, CO 81101 
      (719)589-3691; (719)589-2734 fx
Feel free to give his office a call. In fact, put his number on speed dial. Call early, call often. Then call local stables, horse owners, and the media.  I want more coverage of this mess.

Flagrant law breaking and corruption don't sit well with me, especially when Mexican slaughter houses are involved.

For what it's worth, I'll add that I'm not utterly opposed to horse slaughter. I am however absolutely opposed to inhumane horse slaughter and inhumane horse transport, both of which flavor this story of contempt for horses and laws.

UPDATE: June 18, 2013 -- "DA Won’t Prosecute Wild Horse Investor"