07 April 2009

Learning to Ride As an Adult

The full title of Erika Prockl's book is Learning to Ride As an Adult: A New Training Method for First-Time Riders. So far, my only complaint with the book is the title. This little volume is also quite suitable for people who, like me, have been riding for many decades. Prockl uses simple diagrams and instructions on how to use a physio-ball--Pilates ball, Swiss ball, yoga ball, whatever--to help a rider learn balance, muscle control, and position for riding a horse.

Now I have an excuse to sit on an exercise ball while I watch TV. This's certainly cheaper than buying one of those super-expensive horse simulators I've wanted for so long.

I admit it. I never really outgrew those coin-operated horses outside K-Mart.

A Book Worth Reading

Here's German veterinarian and professional rider Gerd Heuschmann in the 2007 English edition of his book Tug of War: Classical Versus “Modern” Dressage:

I do not understand how, just because someone is a horse enthusiast, he or she is allowed to mount a horse without having any previous education whatsoever, and calls himself or herself a “rider” from that very moment on. Imagine this approach applied to the sport of hang gliding or diving! And, such disciplines to not involve another living individual creature that, on the one hand, is very strong, yet on the other, very delicate and sensitive. (123)

The original 2006 German version of this book carried the provocative and easily translated title Finger in der Wunde.