31 March 2013

A Question on the Trot

Here are two images of quite well known horses. I own the rights to neither photo and, for ease of comparison, have flipped image B so the horses are headed in the same direction. I've not posted the source URLs yet since I would like to ask a question of anyone who stumbles upon this site:

What specific type of trot is each horse performing? 

If you have time, I'd like to know how you decided. That is, what are the characteristics of whatever type of trot you assign to each horse. I will appreciate even the briefest of comments though, for example,  "both horses - jog trot," which I'm guessing anyone who hit this site will know is wildly incorrect.



This is a rarely visited blog, but when (if?) I collect at least ten answers, I'll post the source URLs with their description of the type of trot.  

By the way, I'm just curious. I do not show. I have no vested interests. I'm just CURIOUS.