06 March 2013

BLM Wild Horse "Management"

Good article: "7 Questions About Wild Horses for Interior Secretary Nominee Sally Jewell"

While the BLM warehouses some 50,000 wild horses removed from our public land, oil leases proliferate and ranchers continue to hold low-priced grazing leases for their herds of sheep and cattle.

The horses will be gone soon, I suspect, but the land will still be overgrazed. In fact, I'd bet money vast swaths of the already quite barren west will will suffer a fate worse than overgrazing. Gas and oil wells. Uranium mining. Contamination is all but assured. Land poisoned and stripped by such ventures doesn't just regain its pristine nature. In fact, it will likely never recover.

As far as I can tell moderation and balance are no longer American values, and mankind is, as always, hopelessly short-sighted.

Not just the horses face a grim future.