25 January 2013

"Big Lick" Licked?

"USEF Bans Action Devices for Gaited Horses"

I don't follow the gaited horse scene, so I don't know if these folks typically show in USEF classes. If they do though, I'll bet they'll secede so they can continue torturing horses. 

There's a YouTube video here. This schoolgirl's haltingly read yet otherwise excellent presentation of the problems with "action devices" should show my I don't follow the gaited horse scene.  

I'd like think the USEF licked the "Big Lick," but I doubt it'll die so easily.  

09 January 2013

Horse Auctions

Most horse auctions in the United States depress me since they send old, injured, and unwanted horses off to sad fates in foreign countries. However, at the other end of the spectrum, auctions of elite Thoroughbreds bring out buyers securely in the ranks of the super-rich.

Here's one example: