11 December 2013

Update: St. Nicholas Abbey

Had he been a gelding, even a good race gelding, St. Nicholas Abbey would likely have been euthanized minutes after fracturing a pastern during a workout in Ireland. However, St. Nicholas Abbey was not a gelding. Moreover, his sire Montjeu won nearly four million pounds and now ranks among the world's leading sires.

Better yet, St. Nicholas Abbey himself started 21 times--a most impressive number these days--and won just under five millions pounds. So this pastern fracture happened to a brilliant son of the successful Montjeu, son of the great Sadler's Wells, son of Northern Dancer, sometimes called The Kingmaker. In other words, while St. Nicholas Abbey's care is expensive and his survival still in doubt, his potential as a sire is incalculable. In other words, St. Nicholas Abbey's treatment  has been worthy of the Crown Prince he is.