01 August 2014

Racing: To Be or Not to Be

The racing industry continues to trouble me. Little about it strikes me as good, and yet I fear the entire Thoroughbred breed will vanish if racing is outlawed, and that would be a loss for mankind. The elegance and speed of the Thoroughbred serves as a heritage and a reservoir, a DNA trust if you will.  

Unfortunately, racing provides us with too many examples of cruelty, greed, and duplicity. Balancing that, at least partially, are stories of good trainers and responsible owners. Here is a story showing both sides of racing:

"Horse Returned, but Entry Clerk out of a Job


  1. It's interesting - I have always loved horses and can be counted upon to turn my head when I pass a horse in car, bike or foot but I have never had any interest in racing at all. But I see your point. Do note though that the loss is for mankind, not the horse.

  2. True, Mary Lou, but both horse and man will lose because at this point few--if any--of the breeds man treasures will survive without men to keep the stallions from ripping out each other's fine throatlatches.

  3. Ooh, how interesting - stallions have become more aggressive with selective breeding?